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Drama in the Parish!

In Wilmslow Parish we believe that children should enjoy coming to church. our main aim is to make it a happy place where everyone can learn about the good news of God's love in Jesus.

Children of all ages love drama, so we regularly put on plays with aspiring actors from both Sunday schools and the youth group. We've had some amazing performances this year in our January panto Aladdin, our autumn production of the Legend of Alderley Edge, and of course, our Christmas nativity play - where we managed to get 70 children onto the stage at the same time! Below are some photos of these terrific little superstars!

We also had great fun with our last theme day, when St Bartholomew's was given a complete makeover to become the magical world of Narnia. Hundreds of people flocked to the church to hear the inspiring story of Aslan, to watch the battle of Beruna acted out in front of their very eyes, and to take part in all sorts of crafts and activities. There was even a treasure chamber down in the crypt where children could try on one of the four crowns of Narnia and find out what it felt like to be a king or queen.

If you want to join in the fun, make new friends, or build up your confidence on stage, then why not come along to Phoenix or Footstepz. There's always a warm welcome to new children from our friendly leaders and helpers.

The Legend of Alderley Edge

The cast of Return to Narnia

Cast of the latest production Dick Whittington

Anne and Neil