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Home Groups

Over the last year Wilmslow Parish has set up a number of Home Groups. These groups consist of a small number of people (anything from 4 to 8), often from both churches. Each group meets approximately every month or 6 weeks and will do a variety of things.

A group might choose to do Bible study, learn more about prayer and pray together, watch films and talk about how they relate to our faith, work through a study book on a particular subject or look at subjects which are relevant and contemporary to us in faith as well as in society. One group in our last parish photographed and studied the stained glass windows in the church. At most groups, enjoying some social time together is also important and so some simple hospitality always happens – tea and cake, soup and bread, wine and cheese or a simple meal.   

Home Groups provide a way of ‘being church’ but in a smaller and more intimate setting. It gives us all an opportunity to get to know one another in a different way and often at a deeper level. There isn’t always time to do this after church. The dynamic and life of home groups can also help feed and nurture the life of our congregations as a whole. It can also be a great way of helping new people to get to know others who are more established when they are new in church and community.

Home groups are ultimately self-led but help and resources would be available from the beginning in order for them to function in this way. Healthy home groups also grow and change, and, at times, invite others on the edge of the church and community to come and be part of their life. They are also not just about being with your friends but about celebrating the diversity of who we are as Christian people.

If you are interested in belonging to a Home Group please speak to or email Magdalen. It would also help if you could let her know the kinds of things you might be interested in looking at.