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Explore Faith

Christians make up 2.1 billion people globally, and despite the headlines in the newspapers, the global Church is growing – at a rate of around 70,000 people a day worldwide.

We are passionate to share the good news (that’s what the word "gospel" means) of Jesus and if you have 3 minutes and 47 seconds spare, then we want to suggest that there is no better way for you to spend them than watching this video:


Another way some people find useful when exploring the Gospel is The Four Points:

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1. God loves us!

In fact he loves everything he made and that includes you. You were made in his image and nothing you do could make Him love you more or less.

2. We have gone our own way!

We have all lost sight of the amazing plan God had for his people and the bible calls this sin. It has spoiled our relationships with God, people, places and the planet.

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3. Jesus died for us!

The bible says that when we are still lost in our sins, Jesus took our place in the dock. The Lost Son in that video didn’t even get a chance to apologise before he felt a Father’s embrace. Jesus’ death on the cross is a divine embrace.

4. An invitation to start again!

His resurrection is the start of a new creation and we get to play our part. More than a promise of a place in heaven (though that’s no bad thing!) but a chance for a new way to live and work. All it takes is to respond to that invitation. To name Jesus as Lord and King and find some Christians to share this incredible journey with.

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An Invitation to a Journey

Following Jesus means learning to be like Jesus. To share his words and copy his actions in our everyday lives. This was God’s rule of justice, peace is played out in the world.


We would love to help you with this journey and it starts with belonging. We hope that you will experience a sense of welcome and inclusion if you come along to church or join one of our groups.

As you spend more time in a Christian community and more time reading the bible and getting to know Jesus, people might tell you that you are becoming and behaving a bit like him. Jesus’ friends found that they just seem to become more patient, kind, joyful and a bunch of other things Christians call ‘gifts’.

You might be surprised to hear that believing all the things Christians believe can take a bit of time but God has revealed himself, uniquely and spectacularly, through the life of Jesus. He wants us to know about him through the words given to us in the bible but God also makes himself known personally through the work of the Holy Spirit.

All the best invitations come with an RSVP, here is yours!